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The shadow of the demon

Autore: Dressed to Kiss
Pubblicato nel 2014
Pagine 60
ISBN 978-88-6740-365-3





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The madcap crazy adventure story of a tribute band and their crazy plan to abduct one of the founding members of world renowned rock band KISS that they have been paying tribute to for so many years, when they find out that he will be arriving in town for a promotional tour, on the same night that they will be performing a live concert.
Driven by the desire to meet and perform in front of their idol, they decide to decoy the famed rockstar from his itinerary and somehow bring him to their show, at any cost!

Dressed to Kiss are a tribute band dedicated to the famous rock group Kiss. They have been rockin’ and rolling since 1993, in twenty years of live concert activity they have played throughout Europe extensively. They have appeared on television and on tv programs such as “The X-Factor” and “Krazy Kiss”, a miniseries dedicated to the band produced by Fox. The story of Dressed to Kiss was also told in a documentary dedicated to the band by Fox productions Italy called “Dressed to Kiss a true story”. The leader also recently released a book that tells of their many adventures and are one of the few tributes in the world that have been granted permission by Kiss to have their photo taken with them, an honour they cherish deeply.