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The path taken… to “light up” the world


The path taken… to “light up” the world

A man from Villafranca around the world
Autore: Antonio Tumicelli
Pubblicato nel 2015
Pagine 328
ISBN 9788867406449





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The true story of a young, resourceful Villafranca man who at twenty years of age decides to go working abroad.
Having been hired in 1949 by a Milanese company, he starts his apprenticeship in Europe and the Middle East, then moves to Canada where he meets Lucille, the woman who will become his wife and who for three decades will be his life and travel companion around the world.
Over the course of his working life, encompassing twenty-three countries in various continents, with temperatures ranging from +40 to -40 degrees Celsius, he had the chance to encounter a wide variety of people, cultures, religions and traditions, all the while facing the most difficult living, working and environmental conditions. He spent the majority of these years in distant and less-advanced lands, whose primitive living standards made the building and maintenance of electrical networks all the more important for the progress and productivity of the nation.
In telling his story, Antonio Tumicelli realizes he has been a lucky man, due to the meetings and experiences he could never have guessed he would “live”!